The Shape of Anger

I painted this over the summer, and I’ve realized that this is a good image for a lot of the emotions we deal with. And also for how we sit with pain.
At first, it seems big, overpowering, and volatile. It seems that if we open to it, it will over take us. We will not survive it’s wrath.
It’s a scary thing to face, so many of us choose to numb, and hide from it. Food, shopping, alcohol, scrolling, busyness, perfectionism (those are just my own personal go tos). You name it, and we have found a way to numb ourselves with it. It’s not always bad things either. Exercise, church, our children, extended family obligations…

Once we can’t numb or hide from it any more the real adventure begins.

When we can accept the invitation into that emotion or that pain and we awaken to it, it’s form starts to change. At first it is still huge and scary and is this thing that might swallow us whole.
But before too long, it starts shrinking. And then all of a sudden it has turned into this funnel. It is directing us to a very exact place, one in which we are being healed.
A place of total restoration.

And that is such a beautiful gift.

As we experience that wholeness in our selves, all those broken places out in the world are illuminated. They are like these little reflections, these glimmers of light shining to get our attention, as if to say “Here! Come here! Your voice is needed. Right. Here.”
We tell our story. We share our pain, our emotions, and our healing. And before long, someone else chimes in, “me too”. Then there’s another, and another. It turns into a chorus of voices, “me too”, “me too”.

I have so greatly benefited from the stories of other people this past year. I have found myself responding and getting to say “me too” over and over and over. It feels like it’s time for me to start sharing, and giving the others opportunity raise their hands and say “me too”.

That’s what’s so amazing about this healing and restoration! Yours inspires mine, which in turn affects theirs. We are all connected in this work God is doing towards freedom. And we are called share it.

If God wants healing for me, I can guarantee it’s for you, too.

It’s for ALL.


anger fuel


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