The sun is shining bright, and the wind is gently blowing.
And for a fraction of a second, the thin thread of a spider’s web is illuminated on a tree branch outside my window.
I am easily distracted by shiny things.
So I pause,
hoping that the wind will blow just right to get to see the thread sparkle again.
It does.
This time the opposite end of the thread lights up!
I didn’t know the web started over there.
I lean back, rock side to side a little and strain my eyes, trying to catch the sun light just right so I can see the whole strand glimmer.
It doesn’t work.
I moved so much that it totally disappears.
But from here, I see another strand on different branch.
Its shorter, and is angled towards me.
The breeze blows again, and I see the entirety of the short web strung between two branches.
What joy and excitement this gives me!
I am thankful the wind and the sun chose to reveal this beauty to me.
Just as fast as it was illuminated, it disappears again.
But I can hold that image in my mind’s eye.
I know that strand is there.
My eyes dart back towards the first thread.
I hope against hope that I might see it again, and see it wholly.
I catch a glimpse of the middle as the breeze nudges the strand away from me.
The wind stretches the thread and it appears as a bowl,
wide enough to hold all my hope.
Now I know where to look.
I piece together what I’ve seen, and try and conger up the parts that are missing.
The first glimmer was there, on the branch with three leaves.
I caught sight of end of the thread here on the branch jetting towards me.
And the middle bowed out in between with the breeze.
I hold my breath.
Stay completely still.
Keep my eyes focused on that spot.
The sun shines.
The breeze blows.
The thread glimmers in the middle,
the light shoots up and rushes to the spot I first saw!
I tilt my head ever so slightly,
and the light flows back down towards the strand’s end.
I saw it!
All of it.
A sigh of relief.
I remember the short strand and shift so I can see it too.
I take a step back.
Widen my focus.
There are hundreds of threads strung across all the branches that are hanging over my fence.


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